Global Fantastika: July 4-5, 2016 – CFP

Global Fantastika: An Interdisciplinary Conference

July 4-5th 2016, Lancaster University


“Fantastika”, coined by John Clute, is an umbrella term which incorporates the genres of fantasy, science fiction, and horror, but can also include alternative histories, steampunk, young adult fiction, or any other imaginative space. The 3rd annual Fantastika conference will focus on productions of Fantastika globally, as well as considering themes of contact across nations and borders within Fantastika. It is our hope to draw together academics with an interest in Fantastika from an international audience to share and disseminate Fantastika-related research globally.


We welcome abstracts for 20 minute papers on fantastika as they occur in any medium and form. Some suggested topics are:

– the production and development of Fantastika in non-Western or non-English-speaking countries

– Fantastika genres predominant in non-Western/non-English cultures (e.g. magical realism, contemporary mythologies)

– fictional and real empires

– globalization, industrialization, development and the future

– global networks, mobilities, migrations

– borders, defence of borders, crossing borders and occupations

– (post)colonial texts and readings

– notions of the ‘other’

– ecologies, technologies and biopolitics


Please submit a 300 word abstract to along with a 50 word bionote by March 1st, 2016


Visit us at, like us on Facebook (“Fantastika Conference”), or follow us on twitter (@FantastikaConf) for up-to-date information about the event.


And visit to access the “Visualizing Fantastika” edition of The Luminary, featuring extended papers from the 2014 conference, due out June 2015.

Registration is still open for Locating Fantastika 2015 as well. Email to register.


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