Final Details for Visualizing Fantastika 2014

Just some final details before the conference:
The event will be held in the FASS building on campus.

Please bear in mind that the papers should be 20 minutes each, and questions will be saved until the end. All of the rooms should have computers if you are presenting with a powerpoint.

The titles of the presentations from our keynotes are:
by Brian Baker at 9:30am: “Iron Towers, Zeppelins and Brass Engines: the scientific romance and dreams of Empire”
by Bryan Talbot at 1:15pm: “Grandville and the Anthropomorphic Tradition”

Both sound fascinating, and I hope you can all make it!

Regarding meals:
– As this a free event, lunch will NOT be provided. But there will be places on campus where you can buy lunch during the break (Gregg’s, Subway, possibly some takeaway places, and a couple campus pubs that serve lunches should still be open during the summer holidays). If you are unfamiliar with the campus, please make sure to pick up a copy of the campus map during registration, as I will circle these points on the map.
– You are all invited to join us at The White Cross pub in town the evening before the conference (Thursday) at 7pm. You can either get a meal there, or join us for drinks, whichever option you prefer.
– There are still spaces open for the 1725 meal on the Friday of the conference, as we have booked the event room. Let us know if you would like to join. We ask that you bring cash to this meal, as we need to pay with a group bill. There are several cash machines located outside of the restaurant. Additionally, as the campus is located outside of Lancaster, we are taking the bus into town after the conference is over. Someone from the committee will lead you to the bus stop and guide you to the restaurant. Contact us if you require further details.
– We will be heading to Merchant’s pub after dinner, which is located convenient to the train station.

Finally, our keynote speaker Bryan Talbot is presenting a private viewing of an exhibition in Chorley at 7pm on the day of the conference, to which you are all invited! The exhibition will be open until September, and we encourage all of you to visit.

If you have any final questions, please do not hesitate to email us. We are looking forward to seeing you all at the conference!


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